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What Is Jitter Click Test?

Jitter click test is nothing but one type of CPS test part which is defined by Minecraft. Most of the Minecraft PVP gamers are using this way to improve their normal mouse clicking speed. For that, they are following some of the below tips.

  • Try to keep your arms steady on your mouse.
  • Adjust your fingers perfectly on both clicks.
  • Do not try to hold your hands hardly on a mouse.

Is Jitter Clicking Test Is Bad?

As first discussed Jitter Clicking is normal as like normal CPStest. But if you try so hard to achieve 15 to 30 clicks per second then you may get damage your mouse or hand. So try fast clicking with sense and techniques to achieve your desired socre.

Is This Technique Of Mouse Clicking is Wrong?

This technique is not wrong for anyone if they are doing it with defined protocols. Also, users must need to do it with above given tips to do work smartly. If you lose your complete focus during the Jitter click speed test then it may cause some problems.

Which Mouse Helps You More In Jetter Clicking Procedure?

According to the current trend, most of the users are using a traditional (mechanical) mouse Optical Switch mouse. And based on expert reference traditional mouse (traditional) works fast as compared to an Optical switch mouse. Because traditional mouse sends electric signals to the processor for mouse click effect. While the optical mouse sends mouse-clicking signals with beam f lights to the processor.